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Normal And Painless Deliveries

After months of precise care, your baby due is near and this can be the time of anxiety, nervousness for a woman that can’t be described in words. Dr. Anjali Kumar has years of adept experience in performing successful deliveries and has augmented her proficiency with the latest gynecology technologies.

At Complete Women Care, Dr. Puuja Arora offers management of all types of normal and painless deliveries in gurgaon that also include low pain vaginal deliveries to the patients. Her polymathy in gynecology and professional competence has led her to offer standard quality gynecological treatments.

Dr Puuja ensures that your labor and delivery is performed in the most safe manner. She has performed many high risk deliveries in her tenure. She can assist in preparing you for your normal delivery in pregnancy in gurgaon and ensure good health of the child and mother. With unmatched infrastructure and technology, your experience whether it be your first childbirth is hassle free and comfortable.

At Complete Women Care, we understand how anxious and scared a women can feel during her pregnancy. It is important to make sure that you and your unborn baby are looked after right from the start of your pregnancy. Antenatal care is the supportive healthcare a woman has during the pregnancy. As an expert Dr. Puuja Arora guides her patient throughout the pregnancy and ensures that the mother is informed and understands the whole process. Depending on your health and the area you live in, you may be offered antenatal care.


Yes, antenatal care is an important part of your pregnancy. It helps you in keeping an eye over your baby’s growth that can help you avert childbirth complications from an early stage. You should check the health of your baby through blood tests and ultrasounds scans at times during pregnancy. Symptoms for conditions like ectopic pregnancy and other complications can be monitored to ensure a safe pregnancy.