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Complete Women Care provides the pregnant women a complete care by Dr. Puuja Arora who is the Best Pregnancy Specialist in Gurgaon.

"Protocol for antenatal care in normal pregnancy by Dr. Puuja" is based on 12 control examinations. At the first examination, when pregnancy is determined with certainty, blood pressure, body weight, pelvic diameters are to be measured and detailed data about personal and reproductive health history are to be taken and written in pregnancy card and patient's file. Specific attention is given to uterus size, cervix length and its dilatation. For the following check-up blood and urine samples, blood group, blood glucose level, Wassermann test, ultrasound examination are to be requested. Period between two check-ups is 4 weeks until 28th gestation weeks, than 3 weeks until 34th, 2 weeks until 38th and 1 week until labor. The last examination is planned for 40th week. Vaginal smear and urine sample testing should be controlled on every check-up. Blood picture and blood glucose level are to be checked three times in pregnancy. Ultrasound examination is planned for the first trimester, 20th and 34th gestation week.